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Keely, has been a participant of the "Pets For Seniors" Program. She is 15 years old.


Pets For Seniors

The “Pets For Seniors” program saves the lives of older pets by giving mature animals to qualified senior people.

The animals in the program receive their veterinary medical exams and treatments paid by Community Animal Network for their lifetime.

The "Pets for Seniors" program helps senior people that live on fixed incomes and provides companionship.

When the senior program participant is no longer capable of caring for the animal, the animal is returned to the organization. 




Diagnosis Stomatitis

Stomatitis is basically severe gingivitis that causes the need for 6 month dental exams and the product Biotene rubbed on the gums.

When the mouth becomes inflamed the use of an oral antibiotic called  Atopica is needed. Extractions of teeth are based on the severity of the disease and how managed the home care is.


The Life Program

“The Life Program” is for rescued felines that have “treatable” conditions and diseases that may prevent them from being considered adoptable or no longer able to participate in the "Pets For Senior" program because of the complexity of giving medications.

Community Animal Network maintains the animals providing special diets, treatments, medications and insulin injections for some. These animals would have otherwise been euthanized.



Community Animal Network gets Between 125 - 350 Rescue Calls A Month. Most of the calls are about stray cats; some are pregnant, some kittens are found in the back yard and garages.

Sadly the need For Help Exceeds Our Donations and Volunteers.

But You Can Help!

Please Consider donating Or Become A Foster Parent!



Spay A Stray


We can help people find new homes for stray cats.

All animals are scanned for microchips prior to providing veterinary medical services.

The organization ask the "Good Samaritan" to house the animal through the process of adoption and drive to the vet and back and forth from the weekend adoption events until the animal finds a new home.

Sadly, most people do not want to make the effort and the animal lives a life of uncertainty at the animal shelter where over 90% of adult cats are put to death each year in America.


Sadly, there is no rescue for animals born outdoors without human touch that wander industrial areas, mobile home parks looking for food.




(Trap, Neuter and Release)


"Good Samaritan's" feed animals in their backyards causing an over-population of feral cats in the neighborhood. 

A spay/neuter program for stray cats is the only humane option.

Community Animal Network does not believe euthanasia should be used as birth control to control an over-population if a group of cats living in a colony are being provided for by a feeder.  

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Programs Managed By DiAnna Pfaff-Martin, founder, Community Animal Network

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Community Animal Network

Founded In 1996

DiAnna Pfaff-Martin, Founder






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This Corporation is a nonprofit public benefit corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any person. It is organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for charitable purposes.

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Fed Tax Id# 33-0971560



Our purpose and mission:

To provide veterinary medical services for homeless, or “at-risk” shelter dogs and cats; including  community outreach programs, spay/ neuter, veterinary medical treatments, procedures and surgeries to facilitate the adoption these animals and to provide the financial resources necessary to support the rescuing of these animals.


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