Rescue And Relief

Angel -

Turned into one of our angel vets because the owner was moving. He said the cat had lived under the bed unseen for two years. We believe she was gotten as a kitten and allowed to hide all the time, so she wasn't handled enough as a baby.

She had a broken tooth, too. So, we believe she had been kicked and we believe the man probably drank and scared the cat too.

She was slow to trust and our foster home adopted her.




Big Kitty-Kitty -

Family was cited for too many animals in their apartment. Mother had two daughters 18 and 21 both pregnant. One pregnant cat, 2 other cats and two dogs.

We helped save this cat from being taken away by OC animal control. Standard procedure is to blood test everyone. CAT -Big kitty Kitty was Leukemia positive and the stress of rescue activated the symptoms. Because we are pro-quality life we had the cat euthanized on the doctor's advice that it would be suffering with symptoms.

Dog Teddy Bear-

rescued from Santa Ana with a thought to be broken leg. It turned out to be a broken pelvis which costs $1,000.00 The dog was adopted by his foster family.




Vetrinary mistake


Due to a severe eye infection that did not respond to the anitibiotics Sadie had to have her eyes removed. She gets along just fine and thinks she is just part of the gang. Later we learned that her eyes could have been saved easily with a different treatment.



Same thing. Didn't respond to the antibiotics. His best friend is Matie, below.





had the swollen eye infection too. But, while Pirate lost his eye Matie recovered from her eye infection. She turned out to be a girl and we renamed her Madison or Maddie.

They were wild cats when we got them. Hissing and spitting, Matie was the meanest.


Santa Ana Shelter Rescues - March 5, 2001

The Night of rescue.

The kittens' eyes were covered with fleas and DiAnna used her toothbrush to get them off.




You might recognize these two. Later named Armani and Azmira. The two were beautiful, friendly petite white cats. They attended Animal Network's adoptions for a while and lived with DiAnna, the founder. Azmira finally got a permanent home with a foster mom when Armani went to kitty heaven in June 2002.